Want to be a millionaire? Single mom shows you a weird trick to achieve financial peace… in 30 days


If it feels like life keeps tossing more problems your way, it’s time for a change!

When you close your eyes, do you picture a dream life where you’re in charge, you’re in control, and you’re living in the kind of posh luxury reserved for the ultra-rich and ultra-powerful? When you open your eyes, do you see that life around you? If you’ve come to this website, I bet you don’t and you’re feeling lost and hopeless to find it.

But what if I told you that you could have that life? Not just in your dreams and not just when you close your eyes. If I told you that you could have that life for real, every day, would you believe me? Would you believe me if I said you won’t have to wait decades to see it—that it can happen in mere months?

It’s true! And I’d like to show you how to make it happen.

I’m Irina Wynn. I have unlocked the secrets of absolute success and financial inde-pendence through online businesses. I used to be right where you are today, but I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and took a leap of faith into the unknown.

And guess what? I made it—big time—and I’m waiting to
share my secrets with you.
But first. . .


  • I made more than $1 million in just three months, and I continued to grow from there.
  • I spent $1.5 million in in social media marketing testing last year
  • I earned approximately $3.5 million in sales in 2017 by working exclusively remote


Is it even possible for us to go a day without checking our social media accounts? For the modern consumer, social media is a powerful and pervasive force that influences behaviour every day, for anyone and everyone connected to the internet. The best way for any business to increase awareness in their products and services is through flawless, attention-getting social media marketing. For new business owners, the ability to create and scale existing businesses is easy and successful thanks to the help of social media!

Sadly, for most business owners it takes way too much time out of their busy schedule to keep up with their social media marketing. Because of this, social media marketing is often ignored, even though it is such a valuable asset for every business!

What is a failure for the everyday business owner is an opportunity for you! With the right training, you can get hired to manage their social media accounts and handle the marketing for them! We will teach you the step-by-step knowledge needed to run your own service-based social media marketing company, all from the comfort of your home office!

  • We will show you how to land and impress your first client.
  • How to grow an engaged audience for your business on social media using free videos.
  • How to make your work less time-consuming, so you can focus on traveling the world and living your life, by taking advantage of automating your social media marketing.
  • How even without business experience, but with the right forms, legal documents, and how-to instructions, you can set up a social media marketing agency.
  • How to design tiers of service for your clients, including lucrative premium services for your top tier clients.
  • How to choose a name for your company, purchase a domain, and how to set up a generic LLC for future business opportunities.
  • What equipment to invest in and upgrade for the best quality of social media marketing.
  • How to tell engaging, attractive stories that gather followers on social media to make any business interesting!
  • How to set up social media and email marketing funnels for small businesses, so they can collect leads, and monetize them over time for increased value.
  • How to negotiate with business owners in a language that they respond well to.
  • Researching and selecting the types of business niches that will be most likely to pay you the highest amounts.
  • How to find clients that will create a steady cash flow, and convince them to pay you for your valuable services.
  • The best way to track the money that’s been generated for a business, so you can determine the rate for your social media marketing services.
  • How you’ll feel supported through the process by our private Facebook group, for program members only!
  • How to create the best scaleable part- or full-time social media marketing agency.
  • How to create social media content that people absolutely love to like, share, and comment on!
  • How to apply these valuable skills to your own business, so you can avoid the cost of outsourcing your own social media marketing.

Now is the best time to join the highly-competitive, lucrative social media marketing industry using our decisive program! You’ll learn everything and more than you would from a college or university program, in just 30 days and with the support of our industry gurus!

Are you ready to:

  • Stop working long hours?
  • Stop being berated by angry bosses?
  • Stop being saddled with unrealistic expectations?
  • Stop depending on others to get what you want and need?
  • Stop your boring, ho-hum life in its tracks and forge your own path?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’re ready to enter Fab Life Society.Consider this website your private invitation to
start living your best life on your terms. Whatever your dream life is, we can give you the tools to make it happen.

I’m not blowing smoke. You can have everything your heart desires if you’re willing to take that first step to financial freedom
through your new online business.

My team of experts, created exclusively to empower women, will teach you everything you need to know and help guide you
along your path. . . But you have to act now. You’re the only one who can make this happen.

The choice is yours.

Welcome to the world’s classiest,
most fabulous female empowerment group!

With Fab Life Society, you get more than just a social group and a place to talk to women like yourself—though that’s a definite perk worth joining for! Some of the benefits of Fab Life Society include an incredibly detailed course on making your own fortune and living the Fab Life you deserve, on your terms, and on your timeline. It’s not a bunch of boring reading and hours of blah. You’ll get exciting and informative step-by-step guidance as you learn what it takes to work smarter, not harder from ex-Page 8 of 12 perts like Carey Bentley, Lena Elkins, and myself, Irina Wynn. Fab Life Society offers so much more, too!


For most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Since time is a valuable asset for a business, social media marketing is often ignored. Here’s the good news: this failure for businesses is an opportunity for you. Businesses today will gladly hire you to manage their social media marketing. As long as you can prove you know how to manage social media (which we’ll show you how to do step by step), you can set up a service-based business.

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this new program that trains on how to master social media (and, get small businesses to pay you for your services):

Learn how to make the break from your same-old-same-old life. It starts with a vision and a passion. Let us help you find yours. What’s your passion? And how can you turn that into a career?

Develop a business plan and find your niche—create a viable online business idea and watch it blossom through our proven step-by-step process. Use the same steps I took to make my first million!

Learn to balance work and home life without sacrificing either. When you work smarter, you have more time for the things you really enjoy. Family, travel, shopping, luxury spa days—you can have it all, and we’ll show you how.

Marketing 101. Learn all about marketing, why it’s important, and how to do it well. We’ll cover topics such as brilliant branding, using social media as a tool for marketing, how and what to share on social media to boost your marketing efforts, how to think like your audience and speak to them through marketing, and how to get into influencer marketing—the people in your space who already have big audiences you can tap into.

Harness Instagram. It’s more than just cute pictures and selfies! Discover how the power of stories, proper hashtags, and creativity can drive more traffic to your website using this important social media tool. It’s simple, easy to do, and only takes minutes, but the results can be staggering. Learn what to avoid and how to figure out what’s important and what’s just filler.

Learn to promote your online business. An idea is only as good as your promotional efforts, so it pays to get a handle on promotions. Learn to promote your business efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank. Spotlight the right products and services at the right time, learn how to win your audience’s trust with freebies and specials, explore ways to get hot leads in the door and to seal the kind of deals your fans will truly appreciate.

Pay attention to copywriting. This is how you’ll tell your stories and sell your products or services. Grab your audience’s attention with compelling copywriting that tugs at their emotions and their deepest needs. Find out what your audience relates to most and use that in creative ways to catch their attention.

Understand the different needs for different parts of your site—should you focus on sales? Features? Or free content?.

Understand sales funnels. What are they, how do they work, and how can you make the most of yours? Understand how to get people started down your funnel in a natural, non-pushy way, and what to do when they reach the bottom.

Create webinars. Grab attention, get sales, and watch your income expand! Webinars are hugely popular. Learn to harness this powerful internet tool and kickstart your financial freedom. What are your goals? How do you stay focused? How do you add value to your brand and your webinar to keep people tuning in?

Get paying clients. Learn how to attract new clients and get them to seal the deal. Learn what to avoid and how to handle even the toughest nuts to crack. Do you know your target audience? Learn to laser focus your marketing to target your best candidates so you can turn more visitors into paying customers.

Fine tune your market research. Learn what market research is, what kinds you can use, and which ones work best for your industry. Understand what kind of metrics you can expect from market research and how to use them to improve your brand, expand your audience, and convert more visitors into paying customers. This all happens easier when you understand your competitors. What are they doing right? What are they doing wrong? Where are they lacking and can you fill in that gap?

Learn how to use social media as a powerful marketing tool. It’s not just for chatting and sharing pictures of your dog. Social media has blown up the internet as the fastest growing way to create revenue through marketing efforts.
Learn what to do on Facebook to solidify your footing, attract more followers, and keep them engaged.

Complete assignments and “homework” to help you learn all of the steps and tools quickly and easily. All assignments are checked by knowledgeable mentors.You are not alone!

That’s just a small taste of the decadent feast we’ll serve up. Fab Life Society is like caviar for your brain, and we never run out.

However, we won’t just tell you what to do, we’ll teach you the skills you need to keep making the right choices and grow your business in the direction you choose. There’s so much more to the course, but I don’t want to spoil it all for you.

Besides, one cannot live on caviar alone. Fab Life Society has delicious tidbits of all kinds to keep you satisfied and always
moving forward.

End your frustration.
End your boredom.
End the monotony of your life by
joining Fab Life Society.

Nobody has ever said being a woman is easy. We’ve all struggled and fought and cried our eyes out. We’ve all been held down and told “no.” Life can be a daily struggle and it’s heartbreaking.

But that doesn’t give you an excuse to sit on your hands and watch life pass you by. Nobody is going to simply give you success. You need to step outside of your comfort zone and make your best life.

You are in control of your destiny, but if you don’t make the first move, your chances of success drop to zero.

You and I both know that you are far from a zero, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to show the world what you can do!

Look, we know it’s scary to dream of bigger things and a happier life where you’re your own boss, making your own decisions, and controlling your own multi-milliondollar company. I know it’s hard to imagine a reality where that is your life and that you built it yourself. But I promise it’s possible—you just have to click.

I want to know. .

  • Do you have a boring job?
  • Do you work long hours, but never seem to get ahead?
  • Do you have to answer to someone else or take the blame for lazy coworkers?
  • Are you sick of never being recognized for the efforts you put into each day?
  • Are you tired of depending on others to simply survive?
  • Are you making the same old lame excuses for yourself and why you haven’t
    reached total happiness yet?

Come on!
You know you’re better than that.
Now prove it.

Get up, make the move, and become a part of Fab Life Society—a place where women gather to encourage, support, and learn
to live the fabulous, independent life of extravagance they’ve always dreamed of.

The life they deserve.

Don’t let indecision and fear rule you. Don’t let the doubts of others interfere with your future. Fear and doubt come from the outside—you weren’t born afraid of failure! Those doubts were bred by years of being told you can’t possibly succeed because
you’re a woman.

The fears were born from society telling you that women are weak and should just submit. But the people who told you those
things were wrong, and you know it.

Financial independence is a click away, and with a 100% money-back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.


What are you
Waiting For?

Where did Fab Life Society begin?
And why should you trust us?

Hey, a healthy dose of skepticism is good! It keeps you safe and it keeps businesses honest.

I know you’ve been inundated with big claims of making millions and being your own boss a hundred times before, but none (or very few) of those offers were backed up by proof or money-back guarantees.

That’s where we’re different. That’s how you know we’re for real. We offer your money back within 30 days if you’re not satisfied, but more importantly, our site is loaded with true success stories and great reviews. The Fab Life Society community is filled with women just like you who took that brave first step—and now they’re living their dream lives!

Still, it can be hard to trust, especially for women in today’s society. Most women are so used to being lied to and tricked, it’s difficult for them to open themselves up and trust again. I understand that, so, I want to help show you we’re human, too. We’re women, just like you.

Let me share a little bit about myself, Irina Wynn, so you can see that I really do “get” you and am not trying to feed you a line. I may be successful today, but I had to survive some serious hardships and climb out of poverty before I could be successful.

As I struggled to survive when i was 16 , I became a waitress. Some days, I was reduced to eating the leftover food from my customers, and I was about as down and out as a person could get.

After several years – I used to own two successful spas in Oslo, but in the midst of a nasty divorce, my ex-husband took everything . I lost my businesses, and I was left on the streets with a daughter to take care of and only $80 to my name.

As I struggled to get back on my feet, I decided I wanted more from my life. I was looking for every single way to make money -so I created a remote business from scratch where I offered permanent makeup trainings. It was truly remote; I was working from different short term apartments in Norway, i couldn’t even afford to pay a deposit and get a regular lease.

My typical day consisted of taking my daughter to Kindergarten, coming home and working on social media advertising, picking up my daughter, feeding her, cleaning her, putting her to bed, and then working until I dropped.

I tried using social media marketing agencies, but they only tried to rip me off. I found that I could do the job better, so I bought books, attended conferences, and participated in workshops so that I could succeed.

The result? I made more than $1 million in just three months, and I continued to grow from there. I spent $1.5 million in advertising last year , and in 2017 I earned approximately $3.5 million in sales. And here`s the proof:

So there you have it: my life from waitress to millionaire CEO . Where I once moved from one apartment or cheap hotel room to another, now i am facing the ocean while i am waiting this on my cozy sofa in Los Angeles.

I want you to know that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel of doubt and fear. There is a way out of dumps and the sadness and the struggle. I want you to know that your new life is waiting for you.

You just need to open your eyes, reach out to your new community, and

take that first step forward

I know it’s scary to make a change, and it might even seem impossible right now, but I promise we won’t let you fall. I’ve been where you are and I know how to get out! You just need to trust.

All of the successful women in Fab Life Society understand the unique needs of women struggling to find their way or those who have constantly been told that they can’t possibly make it on their own. We understand those needs because we’re just like you.

I figured out the secrets to working remotely and living my perfect, fabulous life on my terms, doing what I love. And now I am inviting women from all over the world to gain the tools, inspiration, knowledge, and confidence they need to jump into entrepreneurship quickly and successfully.

Now is the time to hop on board with Fab Life Society so you can finally realize your dreams of living abroad, working remotely, and depending on nobody but yourself to run your own business.

Your life. Your choices. Your success.

So, what does your dream life look like? Are you sipping drinks on the beach? Are you watching your kids play in the yard? Are you traveling far and wide exploring the world? Do you want 5-star restaurants and exclusive engagements with movie stars and musicians?

How about touring the world on cruise ships and private jets? It’s not too late to dream, and it’s definitely not too late to make dreams a reality!

It doesn’t matter where you see yourself living your happiest and best life, we can show you how you can run your business completely online from anywhere!

This is where our program and community really shine. Fab Life Society won’t just tell you how to create your business and succeed, we’ll teach you, step-by-step, how to make your fantasy life a reality.

These are not the cheap tricks and “life hacks” you can find in any Google search. These aren’t hastily thrown-together and vague “plans” that leave out the details. These are tried and true steps toward complete financial freedom and living your life by your own rules. These are the steps many successful women before you have taken to get to where they are now. It’s a full, detailed overview of how to start a business and make it thrive in today’s busy and evolving internet market.

Simply put: with one click you’ll have the chance to learn all the proven secrets to success that Fab Life Society has to offer. And it’s a lot easier to succeed when you have a whole community of strong, like-minded, and dedicated mentors and fellow entrepreneursto back you up.

Talk about a Fab Life! You get a new life, a new career, new respect, and a spot on a list of the internet elite.

Ready to click?

Fab Life Society is there for every woman

We talk of the fabulous, luxurious, extravagant life you could be leading, but there’s a deeper, more powerful part of Fab Life Society that you need to know about. Fab Life Society isn’t just about making millions and showing the world how influential you really are.

I am committed to helping women everywhere, and so I donate a portion of Fab Life Society’s proceeds to female empowerment charities around the globe, charities like domestic abuse shelters and early-childhood education for the same girls that will one day become tomorrow’s most powerful women.

Imagine what you could have done by now if someone had been there for you right from the start. We can’t go back in time to change the past, but we can change the future!

You have the opportunity to be that someone for a young girl now. Your membership into this exclusive society helps empower more women, so we can all make a bigger difference. Now is the time for women to stand together and prove that we’re not the weaker sex. Now is the time to make the phrase “girl power” cause goosebumps and shivers of excitement.

It’s time to prove that

the future is female,

and the future is now.

Do you have what it takes to be an important part of this revolution? Do you have what it takes to empower yourself and other women to make a difference?

Of course you do! It’s time to step out of your old, comfortable life and make your mark, and Fab Life Society is ready to help.

Want more? No problem!
Fab Life Society has a ton of information for you!

There’s still more!

Our free report “Roadmap to Making Your First 6 Figures Online” is an invaluable tool that shows you the quick path to total financial independence and gives a head start to entrepreneurship.

You’ll learn tips such as working remotely (from home, abroad, or a local coffee shop), online promoting, and much more. It’s a quick read to get your blood pumping and your mind racing with new thoughts.

The course comes with step-by-step guidance by some of the world’s most successful female entrepreneurs, but that’s not where it ends. You get personalized support and lifetime access to our exclusive online community.

Speak with other entrepreneurs and women just taking their first steps to true financial freedom. This is the place where you can share ideas, listen to success stories, and feel safe to dream big and stay on your journey to success.

There’s no negativity in Fab Life Society, and every idea is worth exploring! Never be laughed at again. Your new community is ready to support and encourage your dreams and innovation.

Everyone in our group is there for the same reason, and it’s a built-in network of women ready to help one another succeed. We’re a sisterhood, and we’re waiting to welcome you!

With Fab Life Society, you get discounts on upcoming events. These discounts will save you hundreds on exclusive events to help jumpstart your new career. Get focused, in-person guidance on important and timely topics to help your business row from a spark of an idea to a roaring flame of success in the real world.

This all comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, too. I am confident you’ll love this program and the community I’ve worked so hard to build. But, if you’re not completely satisfied with the program within 30 days, you can get all of your money back.

join now and you’ll get these
awesome bonuses!

Get 1 free ticket to an in-person training event with myself, Irina Wynn. You’ll have a full year to claim your ticket and choose an event near you.

Hear me speak about my journey to financial freedom, becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 25, and how you can find the same level of respect, success, and freedom with some awesome tips.

This bonus is
valued between
$1,200 and $1,400!

Get access to the exclusive SMMA private tribe to receive support from other program participants and members. Ask questions, receive encouragement and support, and browse the extensive archive of previous tips and hints.

This bonus is
valued at nearly

Once you complete the program and get your certificate, your name and contact information will be added to our list of dedicated and experienced social media gurus. When someone searches for social media experts, your name will pop up, letting everyone know you’ve truly made it big.

This Bonus is
… priceless

Are you excited yet?

I know it’s hard to believe a program like this actually exists, but it really, truly does. It’s all right here, waiting for you to take the first step. I know it can be scary making that first big move toward a new life and your big dreams, but I promise it’ll be worth it!

All of the Fab Life Society experts have the experience, knowledge, and reviews to back up our claims.

We have a community of women who have been where you are and have come out of the struggle as self-sufficient, self-made successes! We have mentors, true stories, tips, and a truly unique experience designed to help you succeed.

We give back to the community through charity, mentorships, and innovations designed to keep female empowerment moving.

And with the money-back guarantee and our freebies on the website, you simply can’t lose.

The first move is yours.
Will you take it?

I’ve done my part. I’ve given you all the information you need to make a decision, shown you a taste of the incredible program that’s waiting to change your life, and even given you a money-back guarantee to prove how serious we are.

You have to do the rest. I can’t click that link for you, and you certainly can’t expect the outside world to encourage you to make the change. They’re the ones who’ve been holding you back all this time! But you don’t have to let them hold you back anymore. Show them you matter. Show them you’re strong, fierce, independent, and fabulous. Show them by taking that first step toward your new life.

They say the first step to change is the hardest. Well, this first step is just clicking a button, sister.

One lesson of acknowledge that can lead you close to your next multi million dollar company cost frankly less than your Starbucks coffee – So, what are you waiting for?

If i or other experts from this program would normally charge up to 5000 $ for 1 hour of consulting – we wanted this to be different . We wanted this to be available for everyone.

Over 12 hours of valuable content that can transform your life within months – for just a fraction of how much we would normally charge – frankly.

Are you ready to Finally Succeed online without spending a fortune?

Fab Life Society gives you everything you need to know in order to be able to claim your Social Media Marketing Certification.