Travel The World and Find Your True Self–All While Making Money

Irina December 21, 2017

Irina is an investor, parter and advisor for several multi-million dollar businesses. She built a team of self-made millionaire life coaches with a shared passion for empowerment to begin their first program: Start a Successful Social Media Marketing Agency from Home in 30 Days. It's where women have access to mentors with the experience and life lessons they can't learn from and school. (Frankly, as a women in our society trying to create a legacy, you're a human balancing act. School's out.)

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to a sunrise on a sandy Caribbean beach? Or maybe sipping hot chai tea on a cool evening in the Himalayas? or may be Travel the world while making Money?

The travel fantasies we all have don’t have to remain in our dreams. We can turn them into a reality.

I know what you’re thinking.

“That sort of thing is for people who have an Ivy League education, rich parents or who are young and free.”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The haters in life will try to tell you that you can’t, can’t, can’t. If you let them get to you, then you’ll never be able to unleash your potential.

I know a lot about those haters. A few years ago, I was a 23-year-old single mother trying to make my way through college. Everyone told me that I couldn’t make anything of myself. They thought I should be happy living paycheck to paycheck. They told me I should stay put and give up on my dreams.

For a while, I listened. But one day I realized that the only way to make a better life for my child and myself was to follow my heart. I decided I would never work for a poor wage in a 4-walled prison of an office.

Now, at 27 years old, I am a self-made millionaire. With nothing more than a laptop, focus and hard work, I became a world-renowned digital marketing guru and founded Fab Life Society.

That’s right. No more offices. No more bosses. It’s more than possible to work from wherever you want in the world!

I have travelled to over 50 countries. I’ve been to the highest mountains, the most beautiful grottos and have danced on the cobblestone streets of the world’s most enchanting cities. I’ve seen so much—all while making money—and I’m still not done exploring.

I’ve learned so much from my travels and my success as an entrepreneur that I founded Fab Life Society. My goal is to empower women by giving them the tools they need to be successful and be liberated from unfulfilling jobs.

I also want to share with you all the pleasure, fruitful challenge and spiritual growth you can experience through travel.

Traveling while working allows you to experience the best in life. You are able to support yourself while you live your dreams, so your potential is unlimited.

Travel isn’t just about taking some photos and walking through a few museums. It’s about exploring the world to find the true you.

The world is a wonderful place that is full of adventure. There are countless opportunities for spiritual growth as well as a limitless capacity to make money.

What kind of traveller are you? What do you imagine when you dream of seeing the world?

Are you thinking about luxurious hot springs, private jets, and 5-star accommodation?

Learning from the team of self-made millionaires at Fab Life Society can give you the tools to make a perpetual stream of income (I made my first million in just three months!) and the freedom to live like a goddess.

You can find yourself through peace and tranquility on private beaches or some of the finest spas in the world. Rejuvenate with fresh, local fruit juices and daily yoga or Tai Chi. You don’t have to worry about working around a busy schedule when you get to decide on your own working hours.

Or maybe you’re an adventurer?

Not everyone needs the finest things in life. Sometimes, the best lessons come from meeting new people and diving into the unknown.

When you need nothing but a laptop to ensure a steady income, you have plenty of extra space in your backpack for an expedition. You can hike the mountain passes of Tibet and rent a room from a shepherd or book a hostel in Prague and sip a beer on the banks of the Vltava river.

You never know whom you’ll meet along the way. You’d be surprised at how many women are already changing the world as they trek across it. I meet women with incredible stories all the time. I’ve even made some valuable business connections with some who are living the same dream as I am.

In the end, it comes down to what makes you happy, not what makes you comfortable.

Is taking risks comfortable?

No way.

Is choosing an unconventional lifestyle easy?

Of course not.

It’s a scary move to make, and most people won’t understand it. But when you only live once, you’ve got to make your mark on the world.

Once you’ve decided to seek a more fulfilling and more profitable life, the things that make you happy appear very clearly before your eyes. Maybe you never realized that you wanted to spend more time with your family across the country. When you have the time and money that working from anywhere allows, there’s no reason not to visit.

Or maybe you realize that you have a passion for gardening (something you never had time to do before, so it didn’t even seem appealing)? Now you have time to visit the most incredible arboretums in the world. You can study, grow and harness this passion and turn it into a lucrative and fulfilling venture.

At Fab Life Society, my team of experts is passionate about helping women discover their own passions. Once you free yourself from the confines of a conventional job or life, the world can become your tutor.

If you haven’t found your passion yet, don’t worry! Everyone has one. You may just need to step out your door and go find it.

I found mine as a single mother in my 20s. I’ve helped women who found theirs at 65 and have never been happier.

Let us help you too! The success gurus at Fab Life Society will be there every step of the way. You can make the change that YOU want to make. You can define your OWN happiness. And you can turn YOUR passion into a life of prosperity.